Tim Wilson - Visual Artist & Designer 

Starting his creative career as a carpenter, Wilson has since studied 3D design & digital media to further his understanding of current technologies, production practices and design strategies. His hands have traversed multiple design and production realms including sculptural installation, lighting design, custom furniture, artwork and products.


Tim has spent the last few years building his brand which focused on well designed, handmade furniture, ceramic homewares and lighting which are embodied with natural integrity. Wilson designs pieces to pay homage to ancient craft and culture. He has since moved his practice into the exploration of abstract sculptural forms, aiming to expand on this ideology by highlighting the contrast between humanity’s past and our current way of life.


The work aims to push the creative and visual boundaries to stimulate the mind and the senses using simplistic, unusual and playful forms.

The practice is focused around sustainable, local design and manufacturing to help foster ties between the community and the local makers. 

The current focus of the sculptures handmade by Tim, is a statement that idolizes ancient craft and culture, and reacts to the modern globalised consumerist society, to shed light on some of the flaws in our current manufactured lives which neglect the natural cultures of our heritage.

Inspiration comes from various philosophies, the natural world, as well as the ancient civilisations who created useful tools from the local materials around them.

Through object creation, Tim is exploring forms which strip away the fancifulness to get to the essence of an object which communicates poetically and tactilely, humanities existential search for meaning.

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